Meet Kristen

Meet Kristen

High Performance Health Expert

Kristen teaches entrepreneurs and executives how to energize their bodies, get rid of pain and increase their metabolism so they can think on their feet, close more sales and show up as a strong and confident leader in their field.

She is a best-selling co-author of ‘3 Steps to Your Best Body’ and has helped over a thousand men and women as an author, speaker and guest expert for webinars, workshops, media and special events.

She has developed several programs, including her “High Performance Pain Relief Pack, “Fit for a Stage,” and “Fit for Success,” coaching programs to teach men and women how to overcome food cravings, energize their bodies, regain their youthful vitality, live pain free and make the process fun and rewarding. She focuses on unique mindset techniques to ensure that her clients stay committed to the process and happily maintain their results for life!


Memorable, innovative and refreshing, Kristen fills rooms and brings people to their feet with her dynamic, life-changing presentations, workshops and key note speeches.

Empowering entrepreneurial and executive audiences to create healthier, more balanced lives, Kristen’s presentations share her secrets to increase metabolism, energy and performance.

Audiences love Kristen’s message that calorie cutting and exercise punishment is NOT a way of life. And that the key to sustained health lies in understanding what works best for their bodies, setting manageable goals and building healthy habits for life. Whether leading a workshop, giving a keynote, or as a media guest expert on radio or TV, Kristen’s energy and charm impress audiences as she delivers actionable advice and real value that truly transforms lives. 

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Metabolism Coach

Kristen provides a variety of high performance health coaching plans for men and women who are ready to increase their energy and metabolism to stay on top of their mental and physical game!

No stranger to stress, exhaustion, and the resilience needed to run a business effectively as an owner, Kristen brings a unique empathy to her client’s struggles, along with real-world experience and solutions that help her clients feel energized and at their mental and physical best.