Achieve Optimal Physical Shape, Brain Focus, Memory And Performance!

If you are looking to perform at a high level, develop a toned physique, have clear mental focus and energy that lasts all day, join Kristen for one of her 90 Day “High Performance Packs” where you will:

  • Reduce or Eliminate Aches and Pain
  • Tone and Strengthen Your Entire Body
  • Optimize Brain Function
  • Experience Flat Energy that Lasts All Day
  • Master Your Memory
  • Feel Young, Strong and Physically Fit
  • Achieve Consistent, Creative Mental Performance
  • Increase Your Metabolism

Business is like an Olympic sport. Which means constantly pushing through back to back meetings, adrenal fatigue, burnout, body pain and overall exhaustion without a healthy balance of recovery activities is detrimental to your long term health and success.

I help career focused men eliminate body pain & exhaustion so they feel physically fit and re gain their energy, youth, and vitality to create world class results in business! I do this using an approach personalized to your body:

STEP 1: Discover Your Unique Body Balance Code – We start with a thorough High Performance Health Assessment and design a ‘results formula’ for your body. This includes nutrition, exercise and mindfulness strategies to increase muscle tone, metabolism and energy.

STEP 2: Energize – Create specialized, metabolism boosting and cleansing meal combinations (using real food) to enhance brain focus and energy.

STEP 3: Strengthen & Define – Build individualized exercise routines to decrease pain AND increase strength, flexibility, posture, stamina, and body tone.

STEP 4: Increase Metabolism – Your metabolism is like your fountain of youth! A big part of increasing metabolism is consistency integrating daily habits that make you feel good and perform at a high level. Once you are consistent with these practices, the body increases metabolism and lets go of pain, excess body fat and stress.

STEP 5: Tune It with Ease – Once you’ve got your routine dialed in, I’ll show you how to modify it when you travel for work, have back to back meetings or need to prepare to be on stage!

No More Hip and Knee Pain

After just 2 sessions the tingling and numbness went away in my hands and after 5 sessions my hip and knee pain were gone and I had way more flexibility in my hips!

John Richter,CEO

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In this Call You’ll Get Clear On:
  • Exactly what is holding you back from your desired physique and energy.
  • Your best next step to achieve increased mental and physical performance.
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