Meet Kristen

Meet Kristen


Personal Trainer

Kristen provides a variety of products, programs and personal training for women who are ready to get fit, feel confident and enjoy their bodies, and their lives, once again.

No stranger to body image issues, and the damage that comes along with them, Kristen brings a unique empathy to her client’s struggles, along with real-world experience and solutions that make sense for long-term success.

At 14, dreaming of a professional ballet career and weighing in at just over 100 pounds, Kristen’s instructor told her she wouldn’t make it unless she lost weight. Endless diets for the next 15 years resulted in a thyroid condition and rapidly deteriorating health. Her stomach hurt every time she ate, she couldn’t sleep and her metabolism was all over the place. By then, she had moved on to become a professional competitive salsa dancer where she placed in the ESPN World Salsa Championships two years in a row.

Even though she seemed like a success on stage, Kristen’s body image battles continued to rage out of control until she finally found someone to help heal her metabolism. Inspired to help others transform their lives like she did, Kristen – the Luv Your Body Mentor – now helps women take back control of their bodies and finally feel good about themselves again.



Memorable, innovative and refreshing, Kristen fills rooms and brings people to their feet with her dynamic, life-changing presentations.

Empowering audiences to create healthier, more balanced lives, Kristen’s presentations share her secrets for naturally raising metabolism, eliminating cravings, losing weight, and finally feeling back in control when it comes to your body – and your health.

Audiences love Kristen’s message that calorie cutting and exercise punishment is NOT a way of life. And that the key to sustained health lies in understanding what works best for their bodies, setting manageable goals and building healthy habits for life. Whether leading a workshop, giving a keynote, or as a media guest expert on radio or TV, Kristen’s energy and charm impress audiences as she delivers actionable advice and real value that truly transforms lives.

Metabolism Coach

Kristen teaches sustainable and healthy weight loss techniques, neuromuscular exercise strategies and how to naturally raise metabolism for a better body and life.

She is a best-selling co-author of ‘3 Steps to Your Best Body’ and has helped thousands in the San Francisco area face-to-face, as well as countless others nationwide, as an author, speaker and guest expert for webinars, workshops, media and special events.

She believes there is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’ to LASTING weight loss, and developed several programs, including her “Metabolism Makeover Academy,” to teach women how to overcome food cravings, feel lean, regain their youthful vitality, and make the process fun and rewarding. She focuses on unique mindset techniques to ensure that her clients stay committed to the process and happily maintain their results for life!

Go Getter

Today, Kristen feels strong, healthy, energetic, and happier than she’s ever been.

Fiery, fearless and filled with a love of life, laughing, and having fun, she loves nothing more than lifting her clients up and watching them laugh and smile as they learn what their body needs to finally feed good again. Dedicated to living life to the fullest, Kristen shares her passions for food, wine, travel and fun with her husband, Giju, whom she met during her salsa dancing career. She and Giju love to go out dancing, enjoy evenings with friends over delicious meals, and sneaking away to Napa Valley for the weekend with their Cavapoo puppy Zoe whenever they get a chance.