The Metabolism Makeover Academy is a self-paced online program that helps you develop a deeper understanding of what changes you want to see in your body and exactly what you need to do to get there, Metabolism Makeover Academy helps you create a vision of the results you want and keeps you inspired throughout your journey to a healthy, energetic and lean body.We focus on setting goals that are manageable for your lifestyle and providing step-by-step results that are sustainable for life. Easy to follow and easy to implement, MMA helps build healthy habits one by one until feeling healthy, lean and energetic has become your new normal. During this course, you’ll learn about the link between stress and weight loss, how to personalize your weight loss, nutrition and fitness plans, discover your personal ‘secret code’ for increasing metabolism and weight loss, and ways to plan ahead and stay on track even when you’re busy.
Identify your unique weight loss combo code Personal Accountability Tracker

Metabolism Boosting Food Charts

Weekly Intention Trackers


Easy Meal Prep Guides and Grocery Lists

Step by step videos from Kristen

Cheat Meal Planning

Eating Success Tool-Kit

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If you’re ready to take it to the next level, you can work with Kristen 1-on-1 through live or virtual (Skype) training, The Diamond Inner Circle.

Kristen works with each of her clients personally to identify their ultimate vision of their very best fit, energetic and healthy selves. She then maps out how to get there by identifying the best nutrition, exercise and fitness regimens for their unique needs.

Regular in-person or on-Skype exercise sessions keep her clients moving and motivated. During sessions, Kristen personalizes her clients’ fitness routines by testing exercises and seeing which ones make their body more strong and flexible in the moment. Plus they get two Metabolism Mentorship calls per month with personal coaching on nutrition, ways to track and boost metabolism, and creating healthy habits for long-term sustained success. Personal Training Intensive clients also have access to the Metabolism Makeover Academy to help overcome nutritional obstacles, support their goals and achieve their best body.

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Fit for a Stage is designed for speakers who want to be comfortable with their body and confident that the right message is getting across to their audience!

Wish you knew the secret to feeling powerful, charismatic, and in control on stage? Kristen Nolan’s Signature Program, ‘Fit for a Stage’ helps women on stage or on screen, to boost energy, mental clarity, and look and feel like a world class speaker! With Fit for a Stage, you’ll develop the confidence to step into the spotlight, close sales, get a massive table rush, pose for photos, and boldly stand up to share your message without hesitation. You’ll learn how to eat, exercise and reduce pre-speaking stress to have a lean, confident body and the stamina, mental clarity and energy that will mesmerize your audience every time!

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National Speaker and Sales Mentor Lisa Sasevich believes Kristen’s Fit For A Stage VIP Program