Fit for a Stage is designed for speakers who want to be comfortable with their body and confident that the right message is getting across to their audience!

Wish you knew the secret to feeling powerful, charismatic, and in control on stage? Kristen Nolan’s Signature Program, ‘Fit for a Stage’ helps women on stage or on screen, to boost energy, mental clarity, and look and feel like a world class speaker! With Fit for a Stage, you’ll develop the confidence to step into the spotlight, close sales, get a massive table rush, pose for photos, and boldly stand up to share your message without hesitation. You’ll learn how to eat, exercise and reduce pre-speaking stress to have a lean, confident body and the stamina, mental clarity and energy that will mesmerize your audience every time!

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National Speaker and Sales Mentor Lisa Sasevich believes Kristen’s Fit For A Stage VIP Program