Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, or any body pain can inhibit your performance and energy levels tremendously. Kristen’s high performance pain relief 10 pack is strategically designed to optimize the 3 body systems needed to relieve pain and get your body functioning at a high level!

Kristen starts this 10 pack with a High Performance Health Assessment to identify imbalances in the body. Then she works with each of her clients over Skype to customize their pain relief program.

Weekly Skype pain relief movement sessions keep her clients moving and motivated. During sessions, Kristen personalizes her clients’ pain relief routines by testing exercises and seeing which ones respond best with their bodies.

Book a private 1-on-1 ‘Pain Relief’ call with Kristen to Get Started:


No More Hip and Knee Pain

After just 2 sessions the tingling and numbness went away in my hands and after 5 sessions my hip and knee pain were gone and I had way more flexibility in my hips!

John Richter,CEO

I Feel Stronger, More Energized with No More Pain

I started training with Kristen to feel stronger. When I first started I felt weak and my right side was always in pain. Kristen showed me exercises to unlock my joints and strengthen my ligaments. My strength noticeably increased and I feel so much better.

Jennifer Diepstraton, High Ticket Selling Mentor

Kristen is My Go-To For Pain Relief!

Kristen gave me an exercise to take away my wrist pain and it was gone in one session!

Ronda Renee, CEO of Divine Navigation C