The Metabolism Makeover Academy is a self-paced online program that helps you develop a deeper understanding of what changes you want to see in your body and exactly what you need to do to get there, Metabolism Makeover Academy helps you create a vision of the results you want and keeps you inspired throughout your journey to a healthy, energetic and lean body.We focus on setting goals that are manageable for your lifestyle and providing step-by-step results that are sustainable for life. Easy to follow and easy to implement, MMA helps build healthy habits one by one until feeling healthy, lean and energetic has become your new normal. During this course, you’ll learn about the link between stress and weight loss, how to personalize your weight loss, nutrition and fitness plans, discover your personal ‘secret code’ for increasing metabolism and weight loss, and ways to plan ahead and stay on track even when you’re busy.
Identify your unique weight loss combo codePersonal Accountability TrackerMetabolism Boosting Food ChartsWeekly Intention Trackers
Easy Meal Prep Guides and Grocery ListsStep by step videos from Kristen

Cheat Meal Planning

Eating Success Tool-Kit

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