Increase Your Energy to Perform Like the World's Highest Achievers in Business. Book Kristen Nolan, High Performance Health Expert to Speak at Your Next Live Event!

Do you feel exhausted or stressed because you are motivated to reach certain career or business goals but your energy and health is not what it used to be?  

Buisness is an elite, athletic sport. Which means, If you want to perform like the world’s highest achievers, constantly pushing through burnout, body pain and exhaustion without a healthy balance of recovery activities will be detrimental to your success.  

When you feel energized and focused, you make powerful impressions, handle daily challenges with more ease and consistently show up as a reliable and confident leader! 

And the great news is that feeling your physical and mental best does not have to be complicated or time consuming. With very small, consistent tweaks in your routine, you can feel more energized, focused and clear than you have in years! 

This exactly what Kristen will show you in her live workshops, presentations and keynote speaches for audiences of all sizes.

Sample Video: Kristen Live at "PBWC San Francisco":

Sample Topics include:

"3 Secrets to Increase Energy, Productivity and Performance"

- How a sedentary lifestyle reduces mental clarity, motivation and how to easily turn this around in 10 min a day or less!  

- 3 Unexpected body systems you must activate in order to think on your feet, focus and have flat energy that lasts all day.  

- How to tune in to your personal ‘movement code’ to perform like the world’s highest achievers in business.  

- The #1 technique that the top 1% of high performing CEOs are using to keep their energy high and brain sharp.  

"Productivity and Lifestyle Secrets of Top CEOs, Executives and Entreprenuers"

- How the world's most admired leaders stay on top of their mental and physical game to make a lasting impact.  

- Top ‘movement’ secrets to perform like the world’s highest achievers in business. 

- The hidden impacts of business stress on your body that could negate your best healthy lifestyle efforts. 

- The exact 5 step formula I use to help busy professionals experience optimal health so they feel young, vibrant and get more done in less time. 

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About Kristen:

Kristen Nolan is a high performance health expert, international speaker and best selling author who helps busy, professional men and women increase their energy and metabolism so they have the confidence to be seen and the stamina to create a huge impact in their careers and personal lives.  

She believes professional and financial success is 100% dependent on how energized, motivated and confident you feel and has made it her life’s mission to help driven men and women achieve success by using simple but powerful techniques to up-level their physical health, energy and stamina.

Success Stories from Event Hosts:

Eleanor Beaton, CEO, Keynote Speaker and Event Host:

"Both as a conference organizer, and as a conference participant, I have witnessed the incredible energy, wisdom and fun Kristen brings to intimate and large crowds. I have seen her rock the house at the PBWAC conference, one of the largest women's associations in the US. It was remarkable.  

Kristen is truly gifted as a speaker and advisor on how to cultivate the energy you need to be a next level leader. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Joseph Ranseth, CEO, Professional Speaker and Event Host:

"If you are looking for a speaker that will help take your event to a whole new level, raise the energy of your audience and have your attendees leaving feeling invigorating you absolultly need to book Kristen. Not only is Kristen a powerful presenter but she's masterful at engaging the audience in a way that's fun and leaves them walking away with the knowledge to easily create a lasting transformation in their performance"

Elain Williams, CEO, Professional Speaker and Award Winning Comedian: 

"I've never seen anyone explain the brain / body connection quite Kristen. She was funny, engaging, relatable and a riviting speaker." 

Kristen Nolan on stage at Lisa Sasevichs' "Ultimate Sales Boot Camp" for high level entreprenuers and executives.

Kristen Nolan on success panel at Jennifer Diepstraten's "Feel Great Selling" event for entreprenuers.

Kristen Nolan speaking for 300+ women leaders in San Francisco at PBWC.

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