I Feel Stronger, More Energized with No More Pain

I started training with Kristen to feel stronger. When I first started I felt weak and my right side was always in pain. Kristen showed me exercises to unlock my joints and strengthen my ligaments. My strength noticeably increased and I feel so much better.

Jennifer Diepstraton, High Ticket Selling Mentor

No More Hip and Knee Pain

After just 2 sessions the tingling and numbness went away in my hands and after 5 sessions my hip and knee pain were gone and I had way more flexibility in my hips!

John Richter,CEO

Kristen is My Go-To For High Performance!

Kristen Nolan is my go-to high performance mentor! Kristen has made a huge impact in my personal performance and how I show up in my business in countless ways. Before I met Kristen, I would frequently work straight through lunch thinking I wasn’t even hungry but my body was telling a completely different story. Even something that seems as simple as making sure that I nourish myself properly by giving my body what it need to function optimally has made a noticeable difference in my productivity and effectiveness throughout my day..

Ronda Renee, CEO of Divine Navigation C

I Feel Younger, More Energized and this Has Made a Huge Impact on My Business!

The minute I saw Kristen Nolan Speak from stage I knew I had found my health mentor. Her dynamic, friendly and down to earth style was the perfect fit for me to regain healthy eating and exercise habits. By taking her Metabolism Makeover Academy, I re-educated myself on what it really takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle full of energy and cognitive strength. When I upgraded to a Diamond client, I had the privilege to workout with her via Skype, ditching my existing gym membership to get her one-on-one support. She is a game-changer and her work will change your life!.

Stacey Canfield, CEO of My Image Artist

My participants feel Fueled and Energized at my Events, Even After Lunch!

Kristen Nolan has shared some amazing tips for health and fitness for me and my clients. As the SpaLife Curator, one of the elements I teach is around the body. Kristen has honed in the details I need to share with my community about fitness as a foundation for high performance and treating your body as “the asset” that allows us to be exceptional. Kristen has been instrumental as my meal consultant for my SpaLife Retreats. As a result, my participants feel fueled, present and energized throughout my events. I highly recommend Kristen Nolan when you want to have naturally high energy and want to bring high performance to your life and business.

Diane Halfman, CEO and Spalife Mentor

If You Travel for Work and Are Constantly In Front of Your Computer, You Need to Call Kristen!

For an entrepreneur who is traveling for work and at your computer all the time, the methods that Kristen uses are priceless! They are easy, will give you more energy, reduce your pain and will help you to bring your best to your clients and the world.

Molly Mahoney, CEO and Camera Confidence Coach

I Have Way More Energy!

I have so much more energy! I have muscles where I never had before.. I even quit drinking caffeine because my natural energy is up and I’ve never felt better!

Sherris Cottier Shank,CEO of Gemscapes

I watched the Energy of the Room Raise Instrumentally

If you want someone to work with that cares so much about you, your performance and the events you host so you can be at your very best and give your best every single time you must hire Kristen!

Michele Gunderson, CEO of The Language of Yoga

My Metabolism Sped Up and This is the Most Sustainable Nutrition Plan I’ve Ever Tried!

I’m so grateful to know how to increase my metabolism, keep my energy high and how to eat in a way that is healthy but sustainable. I have energy all day to give the best to my clients and they can see it! I sleep well at night and it is so much easier to give your all business when you feel your best! Kristen’s plan made a difference in my body in a short amount of time.

Jenny Kassan, CEO of Cutting Edge Capitol

I Cannot Recommend Kristen Enough!

In our experience, entrepreneurs hosting events can lose up to 10% in overall revenue if they are not on top of their mental and physical game. Kristen is consistently showing up to events energized, magnetic and on point. If you are feeling tired and because of that are not bringing your A game to your business your next call should be to her.

Bari Baumgardner, CEO Sage Event Management

I Am So Much More Effective in my Business

I feel so much more effective in my business. Not only that but I have more energy, need WAY LESS caffeine and have control over what I eat. To top it off I just did a photo shoot for my business and felt super comfortable in my own skin.

Tracey Ingle, CEO of Good Guardian

I have Better Memory, Motivation and Feel More Creative

After some head injuries I had from a motorcycle accident, I had low motivation, felt brain foggy and as if my memory was limited. Kristen gave me simple brain based training exercises to increase my memory and motivation. It’s been 10 weeks and I feel like a new person!

Karen Fritz, CEO

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